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Advance Planning for Unexpected Life Situations...

Powers of Attorney for Property and for Healthcare
and HIPAA Authorizations.

Frequently considered an aspect of estate planning, setting your wishes and directives concerning your healthcare and property/finances is actually responsible life planning. While you may consider these to be exclusively end-of-life issues, unexpected accidents and mishaps do occur every day, which result in individuals not being able to make necessary and important healthcare and financial decisions. With a small investment of time, you can record your directives so that your wishes are met in an event of incapacity, even temporary.   
Every adult could benefit from making these instruments. Especially single parents with minor children or several adult children, unmarried individuals who want to specify a life partner or friend as their decision maker, and even married couples, as an unexpected accident or mishap could impact everyone. Noreen Costelloe can help you evaluate your needs and who the best people are to name as your proxy(ies). 

Power of Attorney for Property:
This document names the individual to be in charge of making financial decisions and supervising your assets, should you become incapacitated. Be certain that this individual is trustworthy and agrees to accept the responsibility.

​Power of Attorney for Healthcare:
​This document names the individual to be in charge of making healthcare decisions for you using the directives which you have provided, including the power to require, consent to, or withdraw treatment for any physical or mental condition, and to admit you or discharge you from any hospital, home, or other institution, in the event you cannot make them yourself. It also may include written instructions about things like organ donation, pain medication (if you want to remain conscious or be fully sedated at the end of life), hospice arrangements, even avoiding care in a specific facility. You may want to be visited by a priest, rabbi or other member of clergy. Again, this needs to be somebody who both agrees to accept the role and is able to carry through your wishes.

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